Thursday, 16 June 2011

oh sweet little website...

So I know I am very late stumbling upon this website, BUT nevertheless, this has made my day.  I can turn EVERYTHING RETRO!  Hubby points out that you can do this on photoshop anyway.  But it's never looked that easy on there to me.  This was super-easy and free and fun.

Yes, I know you can do this on an i-phone, but not knowing much about technical things, I think that with images taken from a "proper camera", you will have a better quality image.  You'll also have more options with your light settings etc.  Once you have your image on the computer,  it takes less than 1 minute to upload and choose which effect you want.  This is Vintage Effect.

This is using one of the "old photo" options.

Applying the Sepia effect.

Warming Filter
Vintage Colours
Anyhoooo!  I could go on and on and on, changing almost every picture on the computer to look old!  There are loads more effects- some of which you have to pay more to use.  There are some that can make portraits look like they have been found in a box in the loft, pop art ones too.  Basically, I think that I would like someone to invent some vintage-tinted glasses for me so I can live in retro world...
THE CATCH: Ammendment to this post! There is a catch.  Annoyingly.  You don't have to register or anything, but if you want decent sized quality images for printing purposes, then you are going to have to upgrade and pay about 4 dollars a month I think.  Will investigate furthur.  Feeling stoopid.   They caught me hook, line and sinker!

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