Thursday, 30 June 2011

Airplane Crafts

About to embark on holiday and was gathering bits and bobs for the kids to do on the short-haul flight.  They enjoy sewing, but obviously you can't take needles on the flight.  So, I made some kits using felt, decorating string and sticky backed velcro, plastic needles and hole punch (combination pliers) and stickers.

I cut the felt to a couple of different sizes.  My idea was that they could use them as cases for sunglasses or cases for Mummy and Daddy's phones- or just bags.  Then; folding them in half, punched holes through both layers round the edges.  I estimated the length of string needed- thinking I was very clever so that we wouldn't need scissors on the plane.  I got the plastic needles from other kits from Yellow Moon or Baker Ross.  I cut pieces of sticky backed velcro for the bags' openings.

 Stickers also from Baker Ross or Yellow Moon.  They stuck on really, really well!

The finished products.  
It worked really well and the kids really enjoyed it.  It certainly kept them happy for at least 30 min.  (They did 2/3 bags each)  The only problem was that once they had finished the sewing, we wanted to cut off the strings after knotting so that they could use the needles to sew the next bag.  I hadn't thought of that- so we left the needles on until we arrived at hotel- then cut the strings using scissors from st aid kit!  Luckily, I had a few needles in the kits, so they could carry on.
This would make a great campervan craft activity too:-)

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